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Modern Arabic Wall Art Inspo for your Home

Every religion has a distinct heritage in the way that it influences art. Art reflects culture and religious beliefs through a set of defined elements and different objects or drawings and paintings. On the other hand, religion also has its own boundaries and well described limits to which it allows the practice of art and creativity.

Art in Islam is mostly associated with calligraphy which is used to scribe and adorn the Arabic text of the Holy Quran or decorate the walls of Mosques and the great architectural advances of the Muslim artists of old. This association however, is very limited as it does not completely define the Islamic media and expression of art.

While making photos or sculptures of living things is restricted in Islam, with the passing time Islamic art has transformed to great lengths during the last century. Today, modern day Islamic art or Arabic calligraphic art experiments with different mediums and materials while also encompassing its beliefs and restrictions. Below, we cover a few different kinds of modern day Islamic wall art pieces that we think might be a great inspiration for decorating your home.

Modern-Day Arabic Wall Art Design Ideas for Islamic Home Decorations


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This modern-day Islamic art piece is made from a stainless steel plate and represents the “Shahadah”, the primary declaration that is essential to establish the faith as a Muslim.

This “Shahadah” wall art is not just a beautiful piece of art for your own home, but can also be a great gift to others or a decoration in the mosque.

Alhamdulillah Table Top

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As Muslims, it is our undoubted belief that the blessings and mercy of Allah SWT grow in our lives when we thank Him for bestowing us with more than we deserve. Placing this tabletop art piece in your living room will encourage you to say “Alhamdulillah”, a constant reminder of how fortunate you are.

Ayat of the Throne (Ayat-ul-Kursi)

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The “Ayat of the Throne (Ayat-ul-Kursi)” is distinguished within the verses of the Quran as one of its most significant and is one of the most highlighted, praised and rewarding verses in the Holy Quran. This grand wall art depicting the “Ayat of the Throne” will not only add beauty and a cultural aspect to your home, but it will also reinvigorate the spirituality in you as you are reminded of the great benefits of reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi.

Bismillah Beginnings

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This Islamic calligraphy wall art depicting the “Basmalah” can be a very good reminder to begin everything you do with the name of Allah SWT and to ask for His forgiveness and blessings. With its beautiful round form factor, you can place it any point of your home and it will liven the space with its beauty.

God Bless This Home Horizon

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If you are looking for wall art that depicts a beautiful dua (supplication) for you and your family, everytime when you or your guests read it, this wall art piece will serve as a reminder for you to ask Allah SWT to bring blessings to your home.

Kalima Shahadat Horizon

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“Kalima Shahadat” is a depiction of the integral acknowledgement to initiate a Muslim’s faith. It is the basis of Islam. This magnificent piece of Islamic wall art decoration will fill your home with its splendour or you can give it as a gift to someone who will appreciate the unique geometric beauty capturing the message.